About TruChoice
TruChoice Mouldings are the right choice for every building professional. With thousands of patterns and profiles, including jambs and edge-glued boards - TruChoice mouldings are precision-milled for consistent, high-quality results and exceptional on-the-job performance.

ARAUCO understands what building professionals, as well as home owners, are looking for in moulding quality, value, consistency and selection. ARAUCO wants customers to know that they stand behind their products as the TruChoice selection is unmatched for uniformity and quality. So much so that the TruChoice name is stamped on the back of every single piece of moulding.

TruChoice’s wide range of products offers limitless design combinations, giving home owners the best solutions in interior space decoration.

TruChoice Mouldings offer the industry’s broadest & deepest selection in millwork, including ultralight MDF mouldings, solid mouldings, finger-joint mouldings, jambs, frames and edge-glued boards. TruChoice also offers a variety of time-saving treated moulding products which are moisture, termite and fungal-decay resistant to be used in exterior applications.
No matter what the profile calls for, from modern to classical, TruChoice Mouldings offer designers and contractors a vast palette to choose from. More than 4,000 TruChoice Moulding products across all architectural styles mean the right new or replacement product is available.

With more than 20 years of experience in millwork production TruChoice mills are continuously using the most recent technology ensuring precise and consistent profile appearance. The single-source manufacturing ensures predictable profile production and product consistency while the substrate composition supports better installation outcomes requiring less repairs and more durability.

TruChoice provides users with top industry leading quality and on-the-job performance. All TruChoice manufacturing facilities follow the same standardization procedures and use ARAUCO’s own Radiata Pine resulting in excellent appearance and workability. This helps contractors reduce installation time, eliminate product surprises, satisfy homeowners and dramatically reduce callbacks.
Made exclusively from Radiata Pine grown in ARAUCO’s sustainably managed plantation forests TruChoice products maintain a lightweight feel and consistent color for predictable performance and better installation outcomes. Also, using a double coated primer TruChoice primed products arrive with a smooth surface and ready to finish.

TruChoice MDF mouldings are precision engineered to the highest market standards using Radiata Pine fiber and ISO9001- certified manufacturing which generates a superior substrate. Precision engineering combined with using the most advanced technology results in less equipment wear and tear for the user.
TruChoice MDF offers and ultralight density, up to 25% lighter than standard MDF, for easier installation. Also, MDF mouldings are double coated with primer creating a smooth ready-to-finish surface.

TruChoice finger-joint mouldings offer superior workability as it is sourced exclusively from100% Radiata Pine grown in ARAUCO’s own sustainably managed plantation forests. The single source manufacturing ensures a consistent color and light weight which supports better outcomes.
TruChoice finger-joint mouldings are available in a variety of finishes including raw and primed. With a wide selection of standard and custom profiles the company’s finger-joint mouldings arrive with virtually no defects due to the advanced manufacturing methods and the superior characteristics of Radiata Pine.

TruChoice solid mouldings maintain the soft and consistent light color of their Radiata Pine substrate. All TruChoie solid mouldings are guaranteed to come from ARAUCO’s own forest plantations ensuring predictable product quality and performance.




Cholguan Remanufacturing Plant Line 1 / Chile
Yungay, VIII Bío Bío Region

Certifications: CERTFOR CoC, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001

Cholguan Remanufacturing Plant Line 2 / Chile
Yungay, VIII Bío Bío Region

Certifications: CERTFOR CoC, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001

Horcones Remanufacturing Plant / Chile
Arauco Province, VIII Bío Bío Region

Certifications: CERTFOR CoC, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001
Valdivia Remanufacturing Plant / Chile
Valdivia, XIV Los Ríos Region

Certifications: CERTFOR CoC, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001

Viñales Remanufacturing Plant / Chile
Constitución, VII Maule Region
Certifications: CERTFOR CoC, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001

Trupan Remanufacturing Plant / Chile‚Ä®
Yungay, VIII Bío Bío Region

Certifications: CARB, FSC, PEFC


TruChoice Arauco premium millwork products are made from wood grown on long-established, sustainably managed forest plantations. No native forest wood or genetically modified trees are used to produce any TruChoice products. In addition, TruChoice Arauco premium millwork products have verified legal origin, and are compliant with the regulations of the USDA’s Lacey Act governing the importation of plant-based products.

The forests that provide Radiata pine for TruChoice Arauco are certified as being in compliance with CERTFOR, Chile’s strict national standard for sustainable forest management. Developed by a non-profit, non-governmental organization, with expert technical assistance from the Chilean Forestry Institute, the CERTFOR standard is endorsed by the international Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC).
CERTFOR is your assurance that TruChoice Arauco premium millwork products originate in plantations that are managed in an environmentally appropriate and socially responsible manner.

In addition, ARAUCO has recently completed its first-ever carbon footprint assessment of its operations in Chile, Brazil and Argentina. ARAUCO’s carbon footprint is at the low end of those reported by the forest products industry, and the company is on a path to further reduce its carbon footprint in the years ahead.

ARAUCO manufactures a wide range of sustainable forest product solutions, including the industry’s most-comprehensive selection of composite panels, premium plywood, millwork, lumber, and FSC-certified* wood pulp.

To deliver the best possible service to customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, ARAUCO has combined the manufacturing, support, and logistics assets of Flakeboard, its composite-panel subsidiary, and Arauco USA, its North American sales and service arm.

Today’s ARAUCO in North America offers customers the best attributes of both companies: more than a half-century of manufacturing excellence, innovative product development, and a long-term focus on sustainability. In addition, with four Regional Support Centers throughout North America, ARAUCO is well-positioned to deliver a superior level of service and to build mutually beneficial, lasting relationships with its customers.
ARAUCO produces composite panels at nine composite panel mills across the United States and Canada, and imports Arauco-branded plywood, pulp, moulding, lumber and other products through 12 major ports of call. These products are distributed to more than 2,800 destinations throughout North America.

In addition, ARAUCO has 1.8 million acres (~728,000 ha) of proprietary forest plantations in Chile, all sustainably managed to the rigorous standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.* ARAUCO also owns sustainably managed plantation forests in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

This combination of sustainable forest product solutions and a very high level of customer support ensures that ARAUCO meets or surpasses in North America the expectations of the construction, casework/fixture fabrication, architectural design, and papermaking industries.